Dear customers,

     Taisto Bussid has been a competitive bus rental company since 1993. In the last 23 years, we have developed to one of the biggest – if not to the biggest – bus rental companies in Estonia. That has added value to our company in the international field.

     Throughout the years, we have renewed our buses and enlarged the choice of different buses, in order to stay competitive and offer our clients the best buses for rent. At the moment, it is possible to choose among 30 buses which have been prepared for journeys overseas and outside Estonia, and 40 buses for trips in Estonia. Customers’ satisfaction is very important to us, and therefore we maintain our buses in the best technical condition, as well as keep them clean and nice. It is very easy for us to follow all the travel schedules, if the buses are in an excellent condition.

     Our motto is to take our clients to the destination they have chosen, and take them back home safely as well. Our mission is to provide satisfaction for the passengers and the courier.

    We would kindly like to help you when planning a trip – our staff is highly qualified and giving professional advice is our pleasure. Our staff will help you with the following services: booking hotel rooms, ferry tickets, drawing up visas and ordering a guide, if necessary. We will do everything possible, so that our customers can enjoy their trip!

   Due to good qualifications and experience, the best bus drivers are working in our company, whom we can fully trust. Throughout the years, it is inevitable to avoid difficult situations in traffic, but there have not been situations our excellent bus drivers cannot handle!

   Our company follows fair business principles, and therefore we are proud of the continually stable prices we can offer.

  We truly believe, we can serve you, dear customer, in the future with the best prices and provide the best service.


Your Taisto Bussid


Taisto Bussid Maneezi 6, 10117 Tallinn

Phone: +372 6 602 603
GSM: +372 56 257 003 (emergency number)

E-mail: info at taistobussid dot ee
Fax: +372 6 616 118

TAISTO LIINIDE info: +372 515 1882




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